Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sandbox In - Sandbox Out

SandpitSandpit Well, it's been some time since I have deleted my sandbox and have regained 2.5 GB of harddrive space.

I currently use an older version of to
protect my computer against assaults from so-called
driveby websites, meandering trojans and spyware.

So you've never heard of the concept of a sandbox?
It's like having a virtual computer within your real computer.

Imagine you were playing in the box shown to
the right. And, when you were finished you got
up, brushed yourself off and walked away clean.
That's the concept of using a sandbox on your computer.

Now suppose something undesirable landed in your sandbox, you
could just dump the contents of your sandbox out and get rid of it without
any residue or complications.

You also can recover from your virtual computer to your real
computer, thus saving files which you have downloaded into your sandbox.

To paraphrase the Las Vegas phrase, "What happens in your
sandbox, stays in your sandbox." And, you can delete your sandbox too!

Lavasoft, the firewall company, has recently
delivered its own version of a sandbox and
google hired engineers from Greenborder,
a competitor of sandboxie to design
the sandbox concept into its new Chrome browser.

Sandboxie is free...need I say more?
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