Friday, February 13, 2009

Tweet this!?

Well, I first started with a blog.
Now I've started to tweet.
Of course, you must be

using in order to tweet.

Huh, what's a tweet?
It's a posting to twitter and
is limited to 140 characters
and spaces

Twitter is one of the Web 2.0
methods of keeping in touch
with the world of one's followers
and learning about what they're
doing, reading, thinking
almost instantaneously.

If they are following your
tweets, they'll know the same
about you.

Just go to the site, sign up and let
your friends know. You can even
check up on others using twitter.
Barack Obama was using it up until
January of this year.

There are many interesting uses,
such as seeing who others are following
and being able to read their tweets.
If you find an interesting tweeter,
you can follow them too.