Monday, June 23, 2008

Your bankteller: friendly, but uninformed......

A funny thing happened to me today while doing some in-person banking.
Had made a couple of debit transactions over the weekend and wanted
to know how much cash was available in my account.

There was a gas pump purchase and a visit to a local
retail store. One would think that the teller could look
at my account and see the exact amount of cash I had used.
Not true.

She hadn't checked all of the available screens and the fuel
company had only withdrawn $1.00 to test my account.
That actual amount might be available in several days.
The teller actually incorrectly mixed two purchases together
and did not inform me of this.

I left the bank and returned to explain my displeasure
with the customer service manager. She had printed
my account info and was going to go over it with all of the

One would think that this is common enough to
have as part of standard training.

It's important to ask if there are any other screens to check
or are there any that haven't been checked yet. Also,
are you looking at a total as opposed to individual entries?

Of course, as the customer service manager suggested,
I could have kept a register with me at the pump.

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