Thursday, December 25, 2008

My search for a suitable/great blog editor.

Relief from a scribe's tomb found in Flavia SolvaImage via Wikipedia
Now I have just added the ScribeFire extension for Firefox.
I thought that I would have been able to select copy from
a page and add text to it. Apparently, that is not the case.
I've also added the Zemanta extension which I used for
the posts of the middle of the year.

Note that you are reading an edited version of my
original post: it turns out that ScribeFire does
allow for selecting content from web pages. I have
added this second paragraph, the photo to the
right and the links above with Zemanta.

As I remember from my previous use of Zemanta,
I will not be able to add a second photo to this post.
But, ScribeFire will allow for additional photos to appear.
I will try that with my next post.
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